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March 29, 2019

MARCH 2019 – East Coast Metal Systems (ECMS) is highlighting Advanced Building Products as their featured Representative. Advanced Building Products is an independent ECMS sales representative based in Illinois.

Patrick (Pat) Duffy, President of Advanced Building Products, began his journey in the metal industry over three decades ago upon completion of his college education in 1985. He was involved in many different functions within the industry including estimating, technical sales, sales management, and became an independent sales representative in 1994. In addition, Pat developed a metal manufacturing business for about eight years and then refocused back to his primary role as a rep. “Success is defined by interdependence and trusting relationships,” said Pat. “The day I started to believe in this was the day I started doing better business.” For 25 years, Pat has been developing relationships and increasing his knowledge about the metal industry every day.

Advanced Building Products has been working with ECMS since 2016 covering the territory of Northern Illinois and Wisconsin. Since then, around 15 jobs have been won totaling over one million dollars. During the beginning stages of the relationship between ECMS and Advanced Building Products, ECMS was still working on creating a foothold within the market. The two companies have made great strides together, and ECMS is now being specified by architects on many large projects.

“There are multiple manufacturers and even customers that make their own panels who want to buy from the East Coast team, and that is because of the people,” said Pat. “Honest, sincere, and hardworking people — that’s East Coast Metal Systems.”

Some of the bigger projects that Advanced Building Products has won for ECMS include McDonald’s Headquarters, which is completed, and Esperanza Health Centers, which is currently under construction. Both of these projects are located in Chicago, Illinois.

“With the metal industry, there is always more to learn,” said Pat. “A relationship never stops growing, so be humble and remember that it takes a team to make something successful for the long-term.”

“Pat has a great reputation in Chicago and a strong customer base that has helped ECMS get work in the Chicago area,” said ECMS Pre-Construction Coordinator Tiffany Wildern. “Opportunities like the McDonalds’ Headquarters have been made possible with Pat’s connections in the market. East Coast is grateful to have such a strong presence in the Northern Illinois and Wisconsin territories.”

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