Fabrication Training

DLSS Manufacturing Owner Austin Davis and Zac Zellers with Alberici Construction visited East Coast Metal Systems (ECMS) to provide in-house training to ECMS employees in order to prepare for an upcoming project at St. Louis University Hospital Medical Campus.

The training demonstrated how to properly apply a lacquer and bend copper panels to avoid crazing the edges and exposing the copper through the pre-patinaed finish. DLSS Manufacturing applied the finish and wanted to make sure our crews were able to properly bend the copper without causing any damage to the finish. Every effort was made to avoid potential fabrication issues.

Altogether, ECMS is fabricating approximately 16,000 square feet of materials — 1,100 panels of custom patinaed finish and 200 ACM panels with a custom bronze finish.

We sincerely appreciate DLSS Manufacturing and Alberici Construction for taking the time to exhibit quality control efforts on this project and ensure customer satisfaction!