ECMS Vice President Presents at MetalCon

Congratulations goes to the Vice President of East Coast Metal Systems (ECMS), John Trifonoff, who was invited to speak at MetalCon this year.

MetalCon is the only annual international event that offers education and product exhibits focused on the use of metal in construction. Designers, builders, developers, contractors, fabricators and suppliers from more than 50 countries attend this event, and industry experts from more than 250 leading companies exhibit the latest products and technology.

The presentation was sponsored by the Metal Construction Association, through which ECMS is a Certified Premium MCM Fabricator.

John spoke on the various uses for Metal Composite Material (MCM) and how it is incorporated into creative design, pointing out the versatile range of its customizable features, such as limitless color, finish and material options. He also expanded on the extreme versatility of MCM when it comes to executing complex architectural design.

ECMS is one of 8 MCM Premium Fabricators in North America.