East Coast Metal System Project Receives Award of Merit

In the October 2014 issue of ENR Mid Atlantic, one of East Coast Metal Systems’ (ECMS) projects received an Award of Merit among the Best Projects of 2014 encompassing the region including Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

Tidewater Community College Student Center received the Award of Merit in the Higher Education/Research category. ECMS’ portion of this project included 16,368 square feet of metal wall panels, phenolic panels, and composites as well as louvers and vents.

Congratulations to the East Coast team!

Source: Engineering News-Record

East Coast Metal System Exhibits Industry Expertise

In the February 2016 issue of Metal Architecture, East Coast Metal Systems (ECMS) was featured in an article that focused on MCM panel in project specifications and the various aspects of panel features that can affect the cost/benefit analysis for a project.

“The metal panel is the wrapping paper for the building,” says John Trifonoff, vice president, metal operations for East Coast Metal Systems, Bellaire, Ohio.

“You’re really not limited on panel size – only the size that the manufacturers can produce – but for workability in the field, the largest we like to promote is 5 by 16.’ When it gets bigger than that, you get into excess costs. The substrate needs to be designed in a certain way, and it becomes a very cumbersome panel size in anything larger.”

“Color is also limitless, but the only thing about color is a lot of times they spec a custom color in small quantities. We’ll have a job that only has 2,000 or 3,000 square feet on it, and it calls for two or three custom colors. The cost is astronomical, and it usually gets value-engineered out due to the misunderstanding of this cost impact to produce such small quantities of custom colors.”

“The panel shape is only limited to your imagination except for a few little things – one is acute angles. If it is spec’d at over 135 degrees – on a bull nose for example – we’ve had to work with the architect to alter the design. You can’t bend the material like that. Or, when they try to incorporate small bump outs or features in a panel that are smaller than an inch, these can be cumbersome. Usually you have to change the design to allow for fastening points and the thickness of the material. A lot of times architects look at it like it’s a piece of sheet metal, but it’s not. It’s thicker. It doesn’t work like sheet metal.”

Source: Metal Architecture

ECMS Constantly Improves & Expands Fabrication Capabilities

In the July 2016 issue of Metal Construction News, East Coast Metal Systems (ECMS) was featured in an article pertaining to CNC routers and software as they relate to automating the fabrication and estimating process as technology continues to improve and develop.

ECMS noted the improved accuracy of automating the estimating process by proficiently projecting material yield, material requirements and usage, and time and labor. We are able to fabricate more efficiently than ever, which allows us to offer the best price for our customers. ECMS’ trained professionals work with the AXYZ International CNC router and PANELBuilder system to efficiently fabricate and produce even the most complex geometry and curves at a practical price. These capabilities position ECMS as an indispensable tool for architects. If they can draw it, we can fabricate it.

Source: Metal Construction News