Field Supervision & Installation

Field Supervision & Installation

When a project requires installation, East Coast Metal Systems deploys field employees who are trained to ensure a technically-sound application and timely completion of the task. We work for you, which means when we’re on site, we will strive to facilitate a smooth installation process whether we are contracted as the installer or supervising a subcontractor. We have in-depth knowledge of the entire construction process and understand the importance of subcontractors and material suppliers working together through the end of the project timeline.

With East Coast Metal Systems, you don’t have to be concerned about the packaging and shipping challenges on your project. We package and ship all of our systems based on customer needs. Each delivery will include detailed labeling, a packing list, and an elevation sheet indicating where products are to be installed on the project. Everything we provide is pre-fabricated, custom wood crated, and then sent to the jobsite. All you need do is hang the panels on the walls. Our packing list and elevation sheets even include a fully traceable panel number that can be tracked back to day, time, location, and who fabricated each panel so that if a panel is ever damaged, the issue can be promptly resolved without interruption to the construction schedule. We have designed our process to be hassle free, regardless of whether or not we are the installer.

“In our ever-so technical and demanding industry, a company like mine is constantly searching for a turn-key and reliable partner when tackling the most difficult projects. East Coast Metal Systems fits that exact need. The expertise and professionalism they prove all the way from bid phase to the close-out of a project is bar none. I look forward to our continued success with a partner like ECMS."

Eva Lichtenberg | Chereco Company, Inc.

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